The Moon as Karaka

Understanding how the Moon interacts with each of the 12 houses depends on our understanding of  the Moon as a karaka (significator). The Moon has certain innate qualities too. While the houses can change the Moon’s energy, the Moon can impact the individual’s consciousness. The Moon’s position in the houses reveals how and where we seek emotional satisfaction. The reasons for a person’s emotional unrest can be found by studying the Moon’s position as the Moon throws light on one’s emotional nature and mind. It also signifies one’s ability to adapt and accept good fortune in one’s life. It represents the Mother and one’s relationship with her as well as aspects like comfort and nourishment.

Moon in all 12 houses in Vedic astrology

The Moon’s Qualities

It is believed that the Moon is saumya (gentle) when it’s waxing and krura or cruel when it’s waning. The Moon brings comfort and adaptability in whichever area of life it is placed in during the waxing phase. In the waning phase, it reveals a person trying to relinquish a need to seek comfort through a particular thing and get rid of attachment. The Moon belongs to the Vaishya (merchant) caste which is known for its skills. When the Moon is in a house, it helps a person develop the skills required for give and take. The Moon is believed to be the repository of our past life karmas. It is how we perceive the world. Being white in color, the Moon signifies calmness and tranquility. Aquatic creatures, silver metal and feminine qualities are ruled by the Moon.

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Moon in the 1st house

The person’s appearance will be like the Moon. They will have a round body, round eyes and will have a youthful appearance. Their feelings are obvious to others and they can be emotional and impatient. They can be caring too. Emotional stimulation and freedom to express yourself is very important for them. Their moods change quickly and it will be apparent to all. Their emotional sensitivity makes them take things too personally. They should understand that others’ emotions are important too. They are soft-hearted and are very sympathetic towards others. But sometimes their emotions overpower reason and logic, and hence they may be biased in their opinions. They will be popular and intelligent. The person with a weak Moon may not be understanding of others’ needs  and are likely to be fickle-minded. They may also lack passion and drive.

Moon in the 2nd house

People with Moon in the 2nd house are very fickle in their spending habits. One day they will spend lavishly but the very next day they will become penny-pinchers. They will have a fear of being in debt and lacking savings. They are likely to spend impulsively especially when they feel emotionally frustrated. They also tend to cling to people. They are often vain and seek admiration from others. They may suffer low self-esteem. Not very emotionally responsive, they hold back and wait for a while before expressing themselves. They like to collect things as it gives them a sense of security. They cherish antiques and things with sentimental value from the past. They have a tendency to cling to money and objects and keep them “in the family” rather than sharing with others.

Moon in the 3rd house

They are very curious and good communicators. They are good at imitating others and can often speak many languages. They tend to intellectualize their  emotions instead of feeling them. Some feel excessive emotion. Others may do both. With maturity, they could find a balance. Their ideas and opinions change often. Sometimes they present other people’s points of view and ideas as their own because they are very sensitive to others’ opinions. They are often nervous and restless, needing frequent changes of scenery. They are known to make decisions purely for personal or emotional reasons. Their feelings, prejudices and intuitions influence their thoughts greatly. They have good psychological insight into other people. If their Moon is strong, they will be on good terms with their siblings and peers.

Moon in the 4th house

They want to truly belong somewhere and hence they often change residence or keep making changes in their home. This can be emotionally stimulating on one level but it could also be a sign of emotional unrest. Some might remain emotionally immature, never wanting to truly grow up and be responsible for themselves. They will be attached to their family, their past and traditions. The 4th house is the house of the home. A strong Moon shows deep attachment to the mother. They will also have a good bonds with their children. A weak moon indicates that they did not receive enough affection from their mother and they in turn will not be very loving towards their own children. They will be very attached to their past, the place where they were raised, their heritage, and traditions. The habits and roles they learned in childhood may persist throughout their life. They will be very close to their mother and they seek mothering from their  spouse and other relatives.

Moon in the 5th house

They can be quite dramatic and tend to have intense love affairs. They will be fond of children and have artistic talent though their creative hobbies change often. They possess a vivid imagination and like to daydream. It’s like they are trying to get in touch with their inner child. If the Moon is weak, they may be impulsive shoppers or gamblers or have many love affairs that don’t  fully satisfy them. They may love the idea of being in love rather than the person they happen to be involved with. They like to take risks even if it means being irresponsible. They are emotionally expressive and act like drama kings or queens. They find it difficult to hide their instinctive reactions to people or situations, and they make no effort to conceal their personal likes and dislikes. They are fun, creative and playful. If the Moon is strong, they will be able to thrive in any environment.

Moon in the 6th house

They need to feel useful and be productive. They like to be organized and on top of things. If all this is lacking they will feel emotional unrest. At work, they need variety to be stimulated and engaged. Some tend to change jobs often,  searching for the perfect job. Any kind of routine bores them. They are very sensitive, and even minor health problems unsettle them. Some may be hypochondriacs. Others try to avoid things they lack interest in, by feigning or exaggerating illnesses to gain sympathy. But they can also be very helpful and affectionate towards others. Their sympathetic nature makes them reach out to those who need help. They have an innate need to “fix” other people’s lives, which can be annoying to others. They try to express their affection through tangible acts or service.

Moon in the 7th house

A strong Moon in this house indicates a person who finds emotional fulfillment through partnerships. These partnerships may be marital or business-related.  They always need a companion for emotional support. They are not the kind to watch a movie or go to a restaurant alone. They seek emotional fulfillment through relationships, but they tend to have many believing each time that this is “the one”. They need to take time between relationships as they are prone to get into relationships because they don’t like being alone. They easily adapt to  others’ needs, and hence people find them likeable. But they should not become too dependent on anyone or expect their partner to extend the same treatment to them.

They often have many caring friends. They give much importance to the women in their life and their sense of happiness and security is heavily influenced by their relationship with them. Without a close partner, they may feel unsure of themselves. A weak Moon in the 7th house indicates a person who is unable to find fulfillment in marriage and partnerships. They tend to be fickle in their needs are.

Moon in the 8th house

They seek emotional security, but they also like to push their own limits. This need to reinvent themselves emotionally can lead to many lifestyle changes. They have a fascination for how people work, secrets, taboos, and forbidden topics. A tendency to keep changing sexual partners or to challenge themselves sexually, may betray emotional insecurity. Their changeable emotions prevent them from establishing intimate relationships. They may also suffer from jealousy and possessiveness. At their best, they can be very loyal to their partner.

Though you seek closeness, they don’t really trust others easily. They want all or nothing from those whom they like or love. A strong Moon in the 8th house indicates a person who is good at handling changes and sudden crisis in their emotional lives.

Moon in the 9th house

These people have a deep longing for stimulation. They are rather philosophical, very interested and curious about the world. Without goals to pursue they become restless and discontented. They will want to be somewhere else when they are unhappy, imagining that it would make them happier. However, this attitude can make them more unhappy. They may have travelled a lot in their  early years which helps them to understand and identify with different peoples or cultures.

They crave things which are far away and foreign or for things they have not experienced before. They love to immerse yourself in the experiences of a  new place. Emotionally, they have a restless streak and are wanderers. If the Moon is strong, they will enjoy a healthy relationship with their own spirituality.  It also shows a good relationship with the father.

Moon in the 10th house

The person will have an emotional need for recognition, popularity, acknowledgement, and achievement. They are charismatic and do well when they lead a structured and responsible life. they tend to change goals, ambitions, and/or your profession frequently. They feel worried about living up to their image, or familial expectations. They tend to act on emotional whims. They are not likely to find true happiness if they follow others’ expectations.

They have a good instinct for what the public wants. They may invest their emotional energy into their career or public life rather than their private life. Their profession may involve providing for and caring for others. If the Moon is strong, the person will work to improve the lives of others. If the Moon is weak, they will be more concerned with their own inner fulfillment.

Moon in the 11th house

The person will have an emotional need for a sense of belonging. They will expect support from friends and acquaintances and offer them the same. They might have an unstable social life as their feelings for others might change often. This can cause problems in their relationships. They have many dreams, hopes and wishes, most of which are good-hearted. However, changing aspirations and moods will prevent them from achieving their goals. They seek emotional fulfillment by involving themselves in groups, clubs, community activities, etc. You treat friends like your family and feel very close to people who share your beliefs and ideals. They will have more female friends than males. When the Moon is strong, the person finds fulfillment through their friends. When the Moon is weak, they are likely to make bad decisions because of their emotional need for fulfillment.

Moon in the 12th house

The person feels emotionally attached and sensitive to all that is ethereal and eternal. Though they are sensitive they may have delayed reactions to their  emotional experiences. They often need solitude which helps them to recharge  but this can also cause feelings of isolation and make them misunderstood. They are perceptive but often flooded with emotions that are difficult to define or out of sync with what they are feeling. Both extremes prevent them from being aware of their emotional needs. They may try to avoid responsibility or use hypersensitivity as an excuse for emotional immaturity. While they are sympathetic to other people’s pain, they are not always emotionally available to offer them help.

They often find it hard to understand their own feelings and emotions and find it hard to share their feelings with others. They often choose to withdraw from the world and need a peaceful environment to bloom. They tend to identify with underdogs and try to help them. When the Moon is strong, the person finds emotional fulfillment by working for charitable foundations, hospitals or prisoners. They might find solace in foreign lands or ashrams. When the Moon is weak, the person feels lost when it comes to discovering their ultimate life path.