Mangal Dosha or the Mars affliction is a famously known affliction or a defect found in a person’s horoscope. The placement of the planet Mars in the horoscope decides if a person is afflicted or not. Mangal is the Sanskrit term for Mars. The planet Mars is known as Mangal or Kuja in the ancient Sanskrit language. A person’s birth chart consists of 12 houses. The presence of Mars in any of the houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12 is called Mangal Dosha. The people who suffer from this affliction are called Mangliks.

Common qualities of the Affliction

Anyone can suffer from Manglik Dosha. Since this Dosha is caused by the placement of the planet Mars and that Mars represents energy, ego, self-esteem and respect, those who have this affliction may have an unpredictable nature. This would cause troubles in family relationships and they would find it very difficult to adjust with a person or a situation. As they are high in energy it is very important to direct that energy in the right direction, if not, they would choose the aggressive way.

Impact of Manglik Dosha based on the House Afflicted

1st house – As the 1st house is the house of spouse, the presence of Mars in this house affects the married life greatly. It might lead to unnecessary conflicts or physical assault. As a result the afflicted person might experience tension, distress, separation or even divorce.

2nd house – When the Mars occupies the second house, family relationships might get affected and there may be troubles in married life and professional life.

4th house – When the Mars takes the 4th house, there could be negative effects on the profession. There could be frequent switching off jobs without much yield, and there could be financial troubles too.

7th house – When the Mars takes the 7th house, the individual exhibit high energy levels and may have a bad temper. This would lead to the person having troubled relationships with everyone around.

8th house – When Mars occupies the 8th house the person would be lazy and may not share a good rapport with older people, leading to them losing their rights on ancestral property.

12th house – When Mars occupies the 12th house it could cause psychological and mental troubles to the afflicted person. They may even have enemies.


For any affliction there would be remedies, likewise, for Manglik Dosha also there are remedies. The afflicted person can fast on Tuesdays to please the planet Mars and reduce the adverse effects of the planet. Performing Kumbh Vivah, which is getting married to banana tree, peepal tree or an idol of Lord Vishnu would help. The afflicted person can chant the Mangal mantra, Navagraha mantra on Tuesdays, or the Gayathri mantra for 108 times every day to get rid of the affliction. It is advisable for the Mangliks to wear red coral ring on the ring finger. Also, Magliks are advised to get married a bit late, preferably around 28 years as it is believed that Manglik Dosha gets weaker with time.