Attributes of Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac, and it represents dedication and perseverance. Taurus is the Bull, which remains as their symbol, indicating sustained hard work. Venus, the planet of love is its ruler, while the Moon remains there in its full strength, and these denote Taurus’ affinity with the finer aspects of life. Their element, the earth, points to generosity and patience.

The Taurus people are restrained, reliable, steady, tenacious, and conservative, and they move with dogged determination to make steady progress in life. They are lovers of nature and worshippers of beauty but do also love material possessions. Though stubborn, they are also practical and can make good friends. Backed by the Moon, they have sharp minds and sound clarity of purpose.

However, they can also become unreasonable, fly into a rage at times, and even slip into self-indulgence.

This is Taurus, in a nutshell. Now, let us proceed for learning about the colors, numbers and precious stones that may bring the Taurus people, good luck and fortune.

Taurus Lucky Color

For those born under the Taurus sign, White and Green are regarded as the lucky colors. It is said that these colors have the potential to get fortune and good luck for them and bestow them with all-round gains, material comforts, enhancement of mental abilities, and peace. The Taurus-born can hence put these colors to good use in their day-to-day lives, like in places of stay and work, in the vehicles they drive and in things they use, and draw benefits out of them.

Taurus Lucky Number

Taurus Lucky Number

The numbers that are considered favorable for the Taurus sign are 5 and 6, along with all the double-digit numbers, whose digits add to these numerals, like 23, 24, etc. These are held at the numbers of hope for the Taurus born, that can bring them success and fulfillment. Hence, the Taurus people can make it a point to use these numbers for making new beginnings, performing essential functions and activities. They can also try to have their house or vehicle numbers in any of these, for their own good.

Taurus Lucky Stone

Taurus Lucky Stone

The precious stones that can make a positive difference in the lives of the Taurus people have been identified as Diamond, Coral, and Emerald. It is said that by putting these to regular use in their lives, these people can benefit immensely in terms of gains and success. So, these stones can be worn by them as rings, necklaces, pendants or as any other jewelry, regularly or on as many occasions as possible, so that their beneficial presence can influence and enhance their fortunes, to a large extent.

Accruing Benefits

The benefits that the people born in the Taurus zodiac sign can enjoy by using these colors, numbers, and stones are said to be many. Some of these are –

  • These can clear the negative energies surrounding the people, and fill their lives with positivity
  • There can be a perceptible improvement in people’s financial condition, knowledge, and wisdom
  • There will be increased chances of success in their endeavors, and they may be able to surpass targets and outshine others

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