March 2019 was a very crucial month in terms of astrology. The planet of good fortune, Jupiter, will leave the sign of Scorpio and move to its own sign Sagittarius on March 30th.

Jupiter is the planet that represents spirituality, dharma, righteousness, higher education, gurus, teachers, mentors, philosophy, foreign travel and collaborations. Sagittarius too represents these areas. This will have an effect on all of us and there will be a greater interest in spirituality which can impact the whole world. Once Jupiter enters Sagittarius, Rahu will form an aspect to it and Jupiter will conjunct Saturn and Ketu. The only planet which can exercise some control over Rahu is Jupiter. Rahu can eclipse even the Sun.

jupiter in sagittarius

Jupiter in sagittarius


During Jupiter transit 2019 Aries will become more philosophical. Sagittarius tends to cause expansion and magnification, So you may want to explore more of the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life. You may get many chances to learn about spirituality. You may have to undergo some training at work. There might be some trips or spiritual retreats. For one month at least, there will be serious discussions on the subject with gurus, teachers, mentors, etc.


Jupiter transit 2019 Taurus will bring opportunities in areas like finances and partnerships. You will feel interested in mysticism. Finances and partnerships need attention. Jupiter is now impacting personal and professional relationships, and you will try to form new relationships which may lead to personal and professional growth.


Jupiter transit 2019 Gemini will be impacting personal and professional relationships. You will try to expand these areas. There might be long trips. New responsibilities may arise at work. This is an important period for those who are involved in share trading, PR and legal fields. Diplomats and deal-makers may be saddled with new duties.


Jupiter transit 2019 Cancer will be impacting health, work, colleagues and liabilities.  Health needs care for one month. Be careful in your diet. At work there may be some issues. Maintain good relations with your colleagues. They may need your help.


Jupiter transit 2019 Leo will impact children, creativity and speculative ventures. Opportunities for speculatiion will arise. Use them wisely. There might be childbirth. Creative projects might be undertaken. You might learn a new subject. There will be many opportunities for networking.


Jupiter transit 2019 Virgo will impact your domestic life and personal matters. Real estate deals are likely in the form of renovation, relocation or repairs. There will be visits to relatives. Changes are possible in your current lifestyle. Jupiter tends to expand and magnify, hence you may expand your lifestyle.


Jupiter transit 2019 Libra will be impacting areas like speech, communication, siblings and media. It will be a busy month with lots of work. You may need to multitask. There will be plenty of communication-related work too and reunions with siblings. You may begin a new business. The time is good for buying electronic devices.


The focus will be on finances when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. The time is ideal to expand your business but make foolproof plans. Jupiter transit 2019 Scorpio indicates finances, so you will try to earn as well as save money. Overconfidence may create some issues with your loved ones.


There will be a transformation in personal life. Jupiter transit 2019 Sagittarius impacts health and personal life. There could be some health problems and vitality will be low at times. New responsibilities may have to be undertaken on the personal and professional level.


Jupiter transit 2019 Capricorn focus is on your health and emotional life. Do not take solo decisions. You could go for some treatment or therapy. This month does not favor group ventures, so be careful. Plans for your future could be devised.


Long-term plans and collective projects come under the spotlight. Jupiter transit 2019 Aquarius indicates finances and collective projects. Long term projects are likely. You may have some new team members. There will be chances to work with children and youth groups.


Jupiter transit 2019 Pisces impacts career and bosses but this is not a good position for Jupiter. You should be careful with co-workers and bosses. You may have to work hard this month. Some complicated projects may come up.