Leo Monthly Horoscope – General Overview

This month augurs well for the Leo people, in general. You may get good opportunities in the professional front, which may be of help and support to you. Travels can give you memorable experiences and joy. You may also acquire foreign friendships, which may also be supportive in your endeavors. However, there may be testing times in between, but no need for you to lose confidence on minor issues. Working hard with self-belief can see you through in any situation. There are possibilities of some small misunderstandings with friends, so beware. Better to be patient when handling domestic matters. Health should be excellent; so have no worries on that.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Love/Marriage

The Leos may enjoy cordial relationships now, with love or life partners and family members. Love life should also be good and provide you satisfaction. However, take care not to indulge in gossips about your partner, as that may lead to complications and stress. There may be attempts to create friction in your love relationship, in respect of some; so be clear and specific in dealings. Alliances may come up for marriage, and you may have to look for the most suitable one, from among those.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Finance

The monetary front looks normal for the month. Additional earning may also be on the cards. There may however be expenditure on luxury items bought by family members. Short travels too can add to the expenses. But you may receive handsome interest on deposits and other financial benefits, and these may contribute to your financial comfort.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Career

Career will be satisfying. People may have to take additional responsibilities, but be particular about fulfilling commitments. Authorities may also appreciate your work, giving you confidence and joy. It will be good if you handle challenging assignments independently.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Business

Your business acumen should come in handy in improving prospects, this time. There will be success in endeavors and steady growth in trade. Some of you may turn towards religion, visit holy places, and perform rituals, and this can help in reducing Karma and getting peace of mind.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Professionals

Work may progress well, in spite of delays. You may avoid unpleasant arguments with colleagues, and distractions due to irritating thoughts. This may help you to focus on work. Try to have a positive frame of mind, and this may help to overcome impediments. Sustained hard work is required to meet targets now.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Health

You may keep robust health now. Taking leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits can improve it further. There may however be rheumatic pains and nervous problems, but overall, your immunity may prevent any major illness.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – Students

Studies may go on smoothly now. Your quick learning ability, self-motivation, and courageous approach can help in your academic pursuits, significantly. However, beware of mood swings at times. Working on your negative tendencies may help to resolve all education-related issues.

Auspicious dates: 3rd, 7th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 27th and 30th
Inauspicious dates: 5th, 9th, 15th, 25th and 31st