Kundli matching or horoscope matching is a common feature of Indian marriages. This is especially so in the case of arranged marriages which are still the norm in India. In the case of love marriages, matching of the bride and the groom’s Kundli is not always done. If the boy and girl are both Hindus, parents may still insist on matching their horoscopes. However, if the boy or girl is a Christian or Muslim, it might be ignored.The primary reason for Kundli matching before a wedding is to make sure that you will have a happy and prosperous married life. This is every parent’s wish for their son or daughter.

There are many benefits in Kundli matching. It helps to find out if you are compatible with your partner. Along with that, you can also check the other aspects like your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, issues like financial stability, the life span of the partner, the health of the children, etc.

Is Kundli Matching Necessary For Love Marriage

What is Kundli matching?

The horoscopes of the boy and the girl are required for Kundli matching. If they match, it is assumed that the marriage will be a happy one. While matching the Kundli of the boy and the girl, eight major aspects (Ashta Kootas) will be considered by the astrologer. Each of these aspects has certain points. Compatibility of the couple depends on the total score a couple gets. The aspects include mental, physical, and sexual compatibility, personality, and temperament. These are assessed and scored out of a total of 36 points. The minimum number of points that should match is 18. Anything below this will be seen as an indication that the marriage will not be successful.

Such couples are advised to avoid getting married or seek remedy for negative aspects (doshas) before tying the knot. This will help them avoid problems in the marriage. Couples who have a score between 18–24 could have a fairly stable married life. However, in Kundli matching, a score between 24–32 is said to be very good and indicates a happy marriage. If the score is between 32–36, it is an excellent match, and the marriage will be successful and happy.

One problem is that many vital factors are overlooked during the Ashta Koota matching. These include the life span of the bride and groom, the quality of marital life, chances of having offspring, and planetary positions. Some combinations can be problematic, like Venus and afflicted 7th house, which is the house of marriage and partnerships, the connection of the lords of the 6th and 7th houses from the moon and birth horoscopes. It is not advisable to ignore such things. This is one reason why some marriages fall apart even though the Kundli of the bride and groom match perfectly.

Kundli matching and love marriages

When two people are not known to each other, it is a good idea to match Kundlis. This helps to give an idea about their compatibility. It is not just temperaments and personalities, sexual abilities, tendencies, and attitudes also need to be matched. In the case of love marriages, two people have ample time to get to know each other. So Kundli matching is not needed to determine compatibility. However, other things have to be considered. Progeny issues, the life span of partners, the possibility of extramarital affairs, and divorce need to be examined.

As long as there is mutual love, trust, and understanding, any relationship will endure. Love marriages certainly have greater chances of succeeding, but it also depends on a person’s karma. If the horoscope shows there is a likelihood of divorce or some other mishap, it will be difficult to get a good match as negative events are likely to occur.

How to overcome Kundli mismatch in love marriages?

If the Kundlis do not match, doing meritorious acts, performing remedies, and spiritual activities will help to some extent. However, more than anything else, the two people should try to accommodate each other’s needs and wishes and make the required compromises to ensure a harmonious atmosphere in the relationship. If love and trust exist, even the worst domestic storms cannot wreck a marriage.