The 10th House of the horoscope is known as the Karma Sthana, the House of the job or career. This House rules over the vocation that a person follows in his or her lifetime. This also denotes the various influences that can impact the career choices and indicates the line of the profession that can suit the person, the most, depending on his or her Moon sign.

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In the natural zodiac, this House corresponds to the Capricorn sign and is ruled by planet Saturn. But actually, this may vary from person to person, depending on the time of birth. Accordingly, its ruling planetary Lord too may be different. This Lord of the 10th House and the planet that is placed in that House in the birth chart will play a crucial role in deciding about the course that may prove beneficial to the individual so that he or she may work to the best potential, and the opportunities available therein.

When the 10th House corresponds to the first zodiac sign Aries, its Lord Mars, the aggressive warrior planet, can guide the person’s interest towards various technical lines. So, the person is likely to do well in engineering, primarily Civil and Mechanical, construction, real estate, hotel/restaurant business, marketing, army, police, etc.

When Taurus is the 10th House, Venus becomes its Lord, and this can bestow the mind with a touch of creativity. These persons, hence, are likely to excel in artistic, media-related, and aesthetic-oriented lines. They may also thrive in hotel/restaurant fields and women-centric business ventures like fashion design, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

With the House of career being Gemini, it gets governed by Mercury, the Lord of intellect. With impressive analytical skills and mathematical abilities, these people may take to auditing, accountancy, or related fields, consultancy, advisory roles, share trading, etc. like a duck takes to water.

A 10th House Cancer sign makes Moon the overlord. This fastest moving planet may provide the natives with a host of career options. Trades involving milk or dairy products, liquid or water-related businesses like mineral water and soft drinks, speculative domains like the stock market may be particularly promising for them.

The all-powerful Sun becomes the ruler when the 10th House of career remains Leo. With inborn leadership qualities, these people may fit into any position of authority, whatever be the domain of activity, whether employment or business. These roles can be in an organization, government, politics, administration, agriculture, or even sports.

The Lord is once again Mercury when Virgo falls in the House of career. The natives can thrive in commission or interest-earning trades. They can also excel in accounts-related jobs, and even in domains like astrology and occult sciences.

A 10th House Libra sign makes Venus the planetary Lord. This can turn the natives into virtual worshippers of beauty. Also fired by creativity, these people can perform very well as designers, architects, writers, musicians, singers, media professionals, and the like. They can also flourish in trades dealing with beauty products, cosmetics, and perfumes.

The fiery Mars is the ruler when the 10th House corresponds to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Their dynamic nature can help them to excel in a variety of fields that include property dealings, construction trades, business relating to machinery and equipment, medicines, and even in sports, more particularly adventure sports.

When the 10th House corresponds to Sagittarius, the benefic planet Jupiter becomes its overlord. This can make the natives highly focused and stand out in professions that involve administration, teaching, and religious activities or service.

The career-House Capricorn gets the mighty Saturn, as its ruling planet. It may be of interest to know that Saturn himself is the Karma Karaka, the significator of job or profession. The natives can get into railway or government jobs, fields like law, agriculture or medicine, and also in businesses related to oil, gas, iron, steel, construction, and property renting.

Aquarius, too, is ruled by Saturn. When this zodiac sign corresponds to the 10th House, people can perform to their potential in technical and professional fields, and those requiring specialization. Thus, they can be in lines like engineering, medicine, aviation, law, agriculture, iron, gas, and railways.

When the 10th House of career happens to be the last sign Pisces, Jupiter becomes its ruler again. This can lead the natives towards fields like education, administration, media, agriculture, and even sports. With a creative frame of mind, they can also get into artistic pursuits like writing, painting, and poetry.

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