Many people have a desire to know what the future holds for them. They often seek out astrologers for this purpose, hoping to gain insight into their future, which will help them to make important life decisions. However, not all astrologers are genuine. Only some have the right training and experience to provide accurate predictions. If you are unfortunate enough to consult a fake astrologer, you are likely to lose your money or even worse, you may be given inaccurate predictions about your life which may lead to wrong decisions. Hence, it is very important to know how to identify fake astrologers.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you identify fake astrologers.

Do They Have Good Reviews and References?

Try to do some online research by checking the reviews about the astrologer written by clients. Good astrologers are likely to have positive reviews and references that mention their skills, experience, and accuracy. Negative reviews that mention high charges, inaccurate readings, etc., indicate fake astrologers.

Are they Well-educated and Experienced?

Ask questions about the astrologer’s training, education, and experience. Good astrologers will have vast experience and good references from satisfied clients. They are also likely to be members of professional astrological organizations. Astrologers who don’t have a lot of experience can give inaccurate readings.

Are They Too Expensive?

Most of the well-known astrologers are not likely to ask for exorbitant fees upfront before the reading. If an astrologer asks for a huge sum of money even before they provide their service, be careful. Genuine astrologers will charge only according to the depth and details of the reading.

Do They Ask for Your Birth Chart?

Genuine astrologers will ask for your birth chart as they need your birth details to make accurate predictions. Beware of people who are willing to make predictions without your personal birth chart.

Do They Offer Nuanced Readings?

A legitimate astrologer will take some time to study your birth chart in detail before offering a nuanced reading. If someone offers on-the-spot predictions or generic information, they are probably fake. A detailed, personalized reading and report that is based on your birth chart indicates that the astrologer is genuine.

Here are some more ways to determine if the astrologer is genuine:

They won’t ask for details other than your date, time, and place of birth. If it’s an online consultation, they can ask if you are male or female. Palmists will ask for an image of you’re your palms.

Authentic astrologers will be able to predict your past.

They will not be money-minded or greedy. They will not try to demand more than their normal consultation charges.

If your horoscope has some bad indications, they will warn you about it diplomatically and probably suggest remedies that are not intended to top up their fees. (Eg: promoting birth stones, etc.)

They will openly accept that there are limitations when it comes to making predictions and reveal them during the consultation.

If they need more information to make their predictions, they will reveal the prediction and ask you for confirmation in order to reduce the time used for additional predictions.

They may use software for casting the client’s birth chart of the client, but their analysis of the chart will be manual.

A genuine astrologer will reveal how they reached their conclusions and give credible explanations for their predictions.

A genuine astrologer will have at least 10 years’ experience. After all, practice makes perfect.

A good astrologer usually has a sharp intuition, which requires divine blessings. If you know something about astrology, you can easily assess this by studying the 8th house in his D-24 (Siddhamsa) chart. A good astrologer will not mind if you want to study his birth chart.

Genuine astrologers tend to analyze the natal, divisional charts, various Dasha charts, vargas, state of planets, aspects of planets, transits etc., in order to make their predictions. They will also explain how they arrived at their conclusions. Astro-palmists will match the lines on the hand to the predictions.

Genuine astrologers will readily accept any mistakes they make in their predictions. They will also explain why the mistake occurred and will be willing to correct themselves.

Authentic astrologers will have sound moral and ethical values. They are aware that the clients’ details and predictions are sensitive and will not share them with other people.

Choose your astrologer with care by following the above tips.