Astrology is a magic tool that offers us a window to peer into the future. Though there are people who debunk astrology as superstition, many others swear by it. The naysayers may scoff, but the truth is that astrology is no less a science than astronomy. In the ancient days, many astronomers also doubled as astrologers, which is something not many people are aware of. However, as the scientific age dawned and the influence of the Church grew, astrology was increasingly discredited. But there are some pockets of the world, like India, where astrology is thriving. Whereas in the West, astrology is associated with occult practices, in India, people see it as a divine science. They believe that the ancient sages and saints received this knowledge from God, and they helped preserve it through the Vedas.

Astrology, or Jyothisha, is a branch of the Vedas. The Vedanga Jyotisha lays down rules for tracking the motions of the Sun and the Moon. Indian astronomy and astrology developed at the same time. Bhrigu Samhita is the earliest treatise on Jyotisha. Sage Bhrigu, the ‘father of Indian astrology,’ compiled it during the Vedic period. He is one of the Saptarishis, or seven Vedic sages, who are represented by the seven main stars in the Ursa Major constellation.

Getting a glimpse of the future is a tantalizing prospect. If we could know what to expect, life cannot blindside us. We can make plans and strategic decisions to lead a more successful life. For instance, if we know that we will have a heart ailment 10 years down the line, we could make some lifestyle modifications to prevent it. Or, if we find out that our business will fail after 5 years, we could take some corrective steps to prevent it. The implications are endless.

Your horoscope contains all the secrets of your life, past, present, and future. It can even tell you what karmic baggage you are carrying in this birth from your previous life and how it will impact your current life. Amazing, isn’t it?

In Hinduism, one of the more important samskars among the Shodasha Samskaras is having children. However, some people may not have children. Others may have many children. Even if one has children, they may die young, suffer from illness, or turn out to be wayward. Astrology holds the answers to all of these.

In this article, we are going to look at how one can use astrology to see if one will have children or how the pregnancy will be. It depends on many factors – the placement of various planets in the lunar mansions or Bhavas, also called Houses, the lord of the 5th house, zodiac signs, the strength of planet Jupiter, the Saptamamsha chart, Nakshatras, etc. So, let us find out how these factors play out in a horoscope.

Lord of the 5th House

The 5th house in a horoscope is very important for progeny predictions and is the Putrasthana (‘putra’ means ‘progeny’). It rules self-expression, creativity, relationships, recreation, and progeny. The lord of this house can indicate if you will become a parent and even your child’s gender. If the 5th House lord occupies the 3rd, 6th, or 12th House and is aspected by malefics, the native’s children will die early. If the lord of the 5th House is weak, combust, or is with a malefic, the native may lack progeny.


Jupiter is the main significator for progeny in astrology. When it is well placed, the native will have progeny. If the planet is in exaltation, or in a friendly sign, or if it is associated with or aspecting the 5th house and its owner, the native will have good progeny. If Jupiter is weak and in conjunction with malefic planets, there will be problems in childbirth.

Fifth House

It indicates if one will be able to bear a child. The association of planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Moon in the 5th house indicates a healthy fetus. The presence of malefics like Mars, Ketu, and Rahu, on the other hand, indicates miscarriage or problems and delays in childbearing.

Zodiac Signs

Some zodiac signs are favorable for childbirth, while others are barren. For instance, Scorpio and Pisces are favorable, while Leo, Aries, and Virgo are infertile.

Saptamsha Chart

The Saptamsha chart is also called the D7 chart. It gives a detailed view of the 5th House, which deals with children. This chart offers good insight into matters related to the child’s gender, lineage, childbirth, pregnancy, etc. It can help predict things like the time of childbirth, happiness from childbirth, complications in childbirth, children’s health, if the child is adopted, etc. To make accurate predictions from the Saptamsha chart, one has to analyze the birth chart and also the Navamsha chart. The 5th house also signifies our soul and past life karma. We get children based on our past life karma.

The Moon

If the moon is in the 5th house, there are chances of progeny. If the Moon and Mercury occupy the 5th house and relate to Cancer, there may be no progeny.

Nakshatra For Conception

Nakshatras are also important for conception. The baby will be in good health when conception occurs at the right time. This idea hinges on 2 main factors.

The Menstrual Cycle

· Conception should occur between the 5th night to the 1st day of menstruation. The fertile period lasts till the 16th night, so the parents can try to conceive till then

· Conception must take place only at night. If it takes place during the middle of the day, the child may have an unpleasant character and attitude.

· To beget a female child, one should conceive on the 5th, 9th, or 15th night.

· The couple should be very relaxed when they try to conceive.

The Horoscope and Panchangam

The Janma nakshatra and the 2 Anujanmas should be avoided for both husband and wife.

During the time of conception, the moon should be transversing the 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th Houses. The transversion should take place from the husband’s Janma Rasi and should benefit from Guru’s and Shukra’s aspects.

For conception, Lagna and Kanya rasi are not good.

The Moon in Lagna and Shukra in the 7th House are favorable.

Some More Factors

The Lagna at the time of conception is Adana Lagna, which rules the sensitive 8th month of a pregnancy. If the conception takes place when the Adana Lagna is afflicted, it can cause miscarriage and other major problems during the pregnancy.

If Pitru Dosha is present in the horoscopes of the husband or wife, there may be delays in childbirth and the possibility of having no children.

The strength of the Houses is also important. For a male child, the important planets are the Sun and Jupiter, while for a female child, it is Mercury.

Also, the respective months of the pregnancy are ruled by different planets. If they are weak, it can cause problems. For example, Saturn rules the 6th month of pregnancy. If it is weak, the child’s growth will be hindered. The growth of hair, nails, and structure will be affected as a result. One can perform Daan (charity) or remedies to strengthen the planets in such cases.