Lord Hanuman or Anchaneya is one of the important Gods of Hindu pantheons. He is the epitome of grace and the pinnacle of devotion. His benevolence would help his devotees to cross any tribulation. In this Kali Yuga, which is full of challenges, salvation can be attained through profound faith and devotion. The manifestations of Gods are reverberating only one thing time and again, the assurance of the Lord to ascend when humanity is in peril.
The iconic Hanuman temples in Banglore are:

1) Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple

This temple is located in Mahalakshmi Layout or Mahalakshmipura. It is known for a small hillock, where the shrine sits on top of the hill. It is also known as the Golden Hanuman temple, as a new golden frame has been installed over the Idol of Lord Anjaneya. “benna Alankara”, or butter smeared appearance of the Lord’s idol is highly popular, making it as one of the most desired temples of Banglore.

2) Gali Anjaneya Swamy Temple

It is located in the Mysuru road and believed to be more than 600 years old. It was installed by Saint, Sri Vyasa Raja. He has set more than 600 idols of Lord Anchaneya, and one among them is this temple. Since Lord Hanuman is the Son of God Vayu, he is christened as Gali Anchaneya. The tall temple tower is smeared with saffron paste, which is highly favorable for Lord Hanuman.

3) Sri Karya Siddhi Anjaneya Swami temple

This temple is located in Banashankari. This is one of the favorite temples of Bangaloreans, which invites a lot of devotees from many parts of the world. Many devotees had witnessed a lot of miracles, and they come back to pay their tribute to Lord Anjaneya.

4) Ragigudda Anjaneya Temple

The beautiful temple of Lord Anchneya is located on the hill-top. This temple is believed to have from a heap of ragi, millet and hence the named as ‘Ragigudda’. It is located in a very natural surrounding and amidst the lush green environment. The temple has idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lord Lakshmana.

5) Banaswadi Anjaneya Swamy temple

Over a hundred years, this temple has been hearing the prayers of the devotees. There is a mystical vibration, which fills the people’s mind, and has been an iconic destination of pilgrimage. It is one of the important temples of Banaswadi.

6) 102 feet Hanuman temple

This is one of the largest idols of Lord Anchaneya, which is located in HSR Layout. It is a spectacular view and becomes the Landmark of Banglore. The blessings of the Lord are immense and gains a lot of fervor across the devotees.

7) Sri Sundara Anjaneya Temple

It is situated in NRI Layout, Kalkere. The gigantic Lord welcomes all its devotees and grants them their wishes. Lord Anjaneya is decorated in various avatars. This is a spectacular sight for all the devotees.

8) Yelahanka Gate Anjaneya Temple

This is one of the oldest temples, which dates back to the period of Kempe Gowda. This was also built by him, along with several other temples in Bangalore.

9) Sri Karanji Anjaneya Swamy temple

This is one of the oldest temples, where the idol of Lord Anjaneya is almost 16 feet. It stands on the bank of Karanji lake. It is one of the tallest idols of Lord Anjaneya. Lord Anjaneya holds the “Choodamani”, depicting the scene from Ramayana.

10) Harake Hanuman Temple

‘Harake Hanuma temple’ is located in ITI Layout. Harke denotes the prayer, or wish. If a devotee prays to God, he will fulfill the wishes of him. God is highly merciful and listens to the voices of the unheard and the prayers from the bottom of the heart.

11) Shree Panchamuki Anjaneya Temple

It is an iconic statue of Lord Anjaneya with other heads of Lord Varaha, Lord Garuda, Lord Narasimha, and Lord Hayagreeva. It is located in Chamrajpet. The idol is almost 19 feet tall.


It is important to note that, the temples have a mix of old, and new temples, which are indeed proof that, people are more inclined towards spirituality, and devoutness. Visiting these temples would certainly echo the traditions and rituals, which are important to be carried forward to the next generations.