The Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

Aquarians are one of the 3 Air signs of the zodiac, the other two are Gemini and Libra. In general, the Air signs are objective, analytical, clever, and a little cold, emotionally. They are born between January 21st and February 19th. It is a fixed, positive, and masculine sign. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the great awakener, as well as enigmatic Saturn. Hence it is associated with remarkable intelligence, eccentricity, and uniqueness. Uranus’ influence shows itself in the personality as a tendency to be disruptive, changeable, unconventional, and unpredictable. Aquarians are rather freakish, to tell the truth. Some of the most famous Aquarian personalities are Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston, Charles Darwin, Oprah Winfrey, James Dean, Babe Ruth, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Shakira, to name a few. To get daily Aquarius horoscope updates subscribe and get your free Aquarius tomorrow horoscope instantly on your inbox.

Personality traits

Astrologers claim that Aquarians don’t believe in going with the flow. They have their own opinions and act accordingly. Only hard data can convince them. Aquarians are the ‘eccentric professors’ of the zodiac. Known for being innovative, they can dream up the most brilliant and unique ideas. They are often seen in weird clothes or sporting bizarre hairstyles. They are among those who care about the planet and what happens to it. Rather open-minded, they possess a sense of justice, fairness, and have liberal attitudes. They may choose to follow alternative lifestyles and get involved in many worthwhile causes, charity, and green politics. Their sense of social justice is stronger than it is for most people. They will have many friends, but they will never compromise their beliefs, values, and ideals for anyone. They have a strong sense of freedom and independence. Their kindness and humane outlook win them many friends. The 11th sign is also the house of friends, dreams, and hopes. They have an unflinching belief in human goodness. Free-spirited and intellectually rebellious, they need a lot of space and freedom to explore their crazy, yet original ideas. They are true visionaries. Aquarius is the sign of the future. They can be stubborn and unpredictable and tend to extremes. Aquarians are happiest when they are on the move, traveling the world and having adventures. This sign loves discovering new cultures and learning new things. They love to stand out in the crowd. The one thing that frightens them is boredom and ennui. Aquarius people are not judgmental, and they believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They are witty and very observant and can adapt to any situation. Aquarius loves to shock people, and they often deviate from the norm. Sometimes they can target dull-minded people just for the verbal exercise. Their emotional detachment makes them appear inconsiderate.

What interests Aquarians

They are fascinated by sci-fi. Many astronauts dream of becoming astronauts. Some of them will be interested in aliens, astrology, space travel, etc. They love gadgets. They don’t mind spending on the latest phones and gadgets available. They make good writers. With so much interesting stuff churning in their heads, they need an outlet, and they often find it in writing. They have a way with words. They love flying. As an Air sign, wide-open spaces inspire them. They may take up activities like hang gliding, sky diving, etc. They have a liking for avant-garde art. The edgy and extreme stuff which no one even understands is their cup of tea. With their need for intellectual stimulation, they do best when they get a chance to express their creativity, brilliant memory, knowledge, and wisdom. Careers in television, radio, astronomy, astrology, information technology, space programs, aviation, and NGOs are ideal for them.

Love and Friendship

Aquarians get along with the other Air signs, Gemini and Libra. Aquarians gel well with each other. Being intelligent and opinionated creatures, they love to talk and argue. They even get turned on by each other’s intellect. Unlike most signs, they don’t fall for looks when it comes to the opposite sex. Intelligence and wit score highly with them. Those who can stimulate them mentally stand a good chance with them. They are slow to commit and find it hard to vocalize their love. They also come across as rather too concerned about others than their lover. They tend to give more priority to those who need them the most, and this can annoy their loved ones who feel let down. Clear communication is a must to avoid such problems. Scorpio and Taurus are least compatible with Aquarians.


Aquarius rules the legs and blood circulation. They often suffer from ailments in the legs and ankles, like cramps, and spasmodic and nervous problems.

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