What is Aadi Velli?

The Fridays that come in the Tamil month of Aadi (July-August) are known as Aadi Velli. They are days earmarked to honor Goddess Shakti. Aadi Velli also heralds the onset of the monsoons and acknowledges the power of the water Goddesses.

During Aadi, the Sun transits into the sign Cancer, that the Moon rules. This is known as Dakshinayanam as it marks the sun’s journey southwards. The month of Aadi is good for worshipping the Goddess, who rules the Moon, for spiritual progress. Hence, marriages and other important functions are not held during this period.

When the month begins, the monsoons commence, bringing rain and reducing the heat. Thanks to the copious rainfall, the rivers in Tamil Nadu become full. As the full Moon day in this month occurs during Ashada Nakshatra, this month came to be called Aadi.

Legend behind Aadi Velli

According to a story, during this month, Goddess Shakti assumed the form of Pachai Amman with the goal of ending discord in the world. Pachai Amman appeared in many places which became sanctified by her presence. It was during her manifestation in Thirumullaivaayal that she brought peace and prosperity to the world. Being the Goddess of marriage and fertility, she is also worshipped by young women seeking a suitable groom.

aadi friday

The first Friday in Aadi pays tribute to the Goddess of wealth, Swarnambika. The second Friday reveres the Goddess of knowledge, Angala Amman. The third Friday celebrates the Goddess of courage and health, Annai Kalikambal. The 4th honors the Goddess of relationships, Kamakshi Amman while the 5th reveres Goddess Lakshmi.

All the Fridays that fall in this month are ideal to worship the Goddess by performing special Poojas in Devi (Goddess) temples and homes. This is done to gain positivity and success.

Aadi Velli 2020 Dates

  • July 17th Friday
  • July 24th Friday
  • July 31st Friday
  • August 07th Friday
  • August 14th Friday
Benefits of Aadi Velli Goddess worship
  • It brings positivity
  • It gives health, wealth and wisdom
  • It is good for marriage and progeny
  • It enables wish-fulfillment
  • It enables one to achieve success