We encounter obstacles in life now and then. At such times, we seek Ganesha’s help. The elephant-headed deity of Hinduism and the son of Shiva and Parvati has the power to remove obstacles from his devotees’ lives. He is also the god of wisdom and prosperity. Ganesha is also the chief of the Ganas, which explains his name. He also has the name, Vigneshwara, meaning ‘remover of obstacles’.
To worship him, people chant devotional hymns, which are called Slokas. Each Sloka has a deep meaning. It describes the deity’s divine attributes, appearance, and merciful nature.
Before Hindus begin any auspicious work or perform Pooja, they worship Ganesha first to remove any obstacles.

In this article, you can learn about some Ganesha Slokas that people chant during their daily prayers and Poojas. Ganesha Slokas are also chanted during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Sankata Hara Chaturthi, and other auspicious days related to Ganesha.

1. Suklambaradharam Vishnum Suklambhara-dharam Vishnum Shashi varnam chatur bhujam
Prasanna vadanam dhyaayet sarva vighnopashaanthaye

(I bow to you, Lord Ganesha) The one who is dressed in splendid white garments, who is pervading everywhere, whose complexion is like that of the moon, and the one with four arms
O, the one with a pleasant face, I meditate on that form, please nullify all the obstacles in my path.

2. Vinayako Vighnaraja: Slokam with Ganesha Names
Vinayako Vighnaraja Dvaimatura Ganaadhipaha
Apyeka-danatha Herambha Lambhodara Gajaanana

I bow to you, Lord Ganesha, who is Vinayaka (Lord of all the beings), Vighnaraja (ruler of obstacles), having two mothers (Dvaimatura), who is commander of the Ganas (Ganadhipa)
One with a single tusk (Ekadanta), the one known for courage and irresistible powers (Heramba) having a potbelly (Lambhodara), and with an elephant face (Gajanana).

3. Vakratunda Mahakaya Ganesha Sloka
Vakratunda mahakaaya suryakoti samaprabha
Nirvignam kurume deva sarva kaaryeshu sarvada

O the Lord with a curved trunk and with a magnificent body, whose radiance is that of millions of suns
I bow to you, Lord, so that all my works get done without any obstacles, all the time.

4. Hymn on Lord Ganesha
Gauri nandana gajanana
Girija nandana niranjana
Parvati nandana shubhaanana
Paahi prabho maam paahi prasanna

O, the beloved son of Goddess Gauri, the one with the elephant face
The son of Goddess Girija, who is pure and spotless
The son of Maa Parvati, who is with a pleasing face that bestows auspiciousness
O Lord, please bestow your grace on us

5. Ekadantaya Vidmahe Mantra
Om ekadantaya vidmahe vakratundaya dheemahi
Tanno danti prachodayat

O the Lord with a single tusk, who is omnipresent and the one with a curved trunk, I meditate upon you for great intellect
I bow to you, Lord with a single tusk, to illuminate my mind with wisdom

6. Rig Vedic Hymn addressing Brahmanaspati
Gananam tva Ganapatim (Gum) havamahe
kavim kaveenaam upama-shravastamam
Jyeshta raajam Brahmanaam Brahmanaspata
Aa nah shrunvann-uthibhi seeda-saadanam

Among the celestial attendants (Ganas), you are the Lord (Ganapathi), We offer sacrificial oblations to you
You are the wisest among the scholars. Your wisdom is known to be of the highest quality and incomparable in its glory
You are the eldest or foremost of the kings (referring to devas), the Lord of the sacred prayers, rituals, and its performers (Brahmanaspati)
O Lord, come to us by hearing our hymns and be seated in this sacred, sacrificial altar.

7. Sloka describing Ganesha’s attributes
Gajananam Bhoota ganaathi sevitham
Kapitha Jamboophala saara bhakshitam
Umaasutam shoka vinaasha kaaranam
Namami Vighneshwara paada pankajam

I bow to you, Lord with the face of an elephant (Gajanana), one who is served by the celestial attendants (Bhoota ganas) and other beings
The one who consumes the extract of Kapitha (wood apple) and Jambul fruits (Jamun)
O the son of Goddess Uma, who is the cause for destroying the sorrows
I reverently bow to the lotus feet of Lord Vigneshwara (who controls the obstacles)

8. Ganesha Sloka: Agajanana padmarkam
Agajanana padmarkam gajaananam aharnisham
Anekadantham bhaktaanaam ekadantam upaasmahay

O Lord, whose face on seeing Goddess Parvati gets illuminated always just like the lotuses bloom on seeing the Sun
The bestower of multiple boons to his devotees, O that single-tusked god, I meditate on you.

9. Sri Kantho Matulo Yasya Slokam
Sri kantho matulo yasya jananee sarva mangala
Janakaha Shankaro devaha tam vande kunjaraananam

O Lord Ganesha, for whom Lord Vishnu is the maternal uncle, whose mother is always the bestower of auspiciousness (Goddess Parvati, Sarva Mangala)
Whose father is the great God Shiva himself, I offer my salutations to that elephant-faced deity.

10. Ganapati Bappa Morya
Om Gam Ganapathaye namo namaha
Shree Siddhi Vinayaka namo namaha
Ashta Vinayaka namo namaha
Ganapathi bappa morya

I invoke the Lord with the sacred mantra, om gam ganapathaye
Salutations to the Lord Vinayaka, who grants siddhis
I offer my salutations to the eight distinct murtis of Vinayaka
O the Lord of Ganas and a father, please bless us

Benefits of Chanting Ganesha Slokas

One can receive many benefits by reciting Ganesha Slokas. When one chants these Ganapathi Slokas with faith and devotion, he will bless them with knowledge, good fortune, and success in all endeavors. He also removes obstacles when they are going through difficult times.