Using Astrology to Improve Your Relationships

Our happiness and well-being depend on our relationships. In our lifetime, we form many kinds of relationships. The significant people in our lives are parents, spouse, children, friends, relatives, etc. All of us crave happy and harmonious relationships with those who are dear to us. But this is not always the reality. Even the best relationship may at some point be ruined by misunderstandings and ego clashes, because all human beings are not the same and they come with their own flaws and foibles. When we fall out with someone, we lose mental peace and happiness. The dearer the person, the more pain and sorrow we are forced to endure.


Some people, it is seen, find it difficult to form happy and stable relationships. For others, random events beyond their control may cause disturbances in their relationship. In both cases, astrology can help explain why such problems happen. For example, a person with afflicted Mars may be aggressive in temperament which is not favorable for having good relationships. In the second instance, external factors may play a role in vitiating the relationship. Financial problems, extramarital affairs, illness and many other factors can influence the trajectory of a relationship. Such events too may occur because of the planetary positions in a person’s birth chart during a particular phase. Generally, planets like Mars (Mangal), Rahu and Ketu are troublemakers who cause lots of problems if they occupy unfavorable positions.

During Rahu dasa, it is seen that some people act stubborn, leading to fights and arguments in married life. Also, the native may have an illicit relationship or an extramarital affair. Children too may not get proper love during this time. Such conditions create a negative atmosphere within the family.

Astrological Remedies to Improve Relationships

One of the best remedies to avoid unpleasantness in relationships is to avoid having arguments. Adopt a cool attitude and try to smile often. There is nothing like a smile to diffuse tension.

Try to be honest in your relationship and be more understanding of your partner’s problems.

Wear a small gold or copper ball on your neck (on Thursday).

Wear a Rudraksha on your shoulder or wrist. Pray to your favorite deity daily.

Donate some rice to poor people on Ekadashi day.

Improve bonds with your loved ones by making donations at places where people store water.

Avoid being stubborn. Avoid dark clothes and wear white or light-colored clothes.

Wear Rudraksha in a silver chain.

Make sure that the home environment is always lively and vibrant and well-lit.

Worship daily before an idol and wear a tilak of turmeric & sandal paste.

Worship Shri Yantra to overcome anger which causes strained relationships. Drink radish juice often.

Smell camphor when you feel angry.

Feed a cow with grass.

Donate jaggery. gangajal, Boondi, Saunf or Mishri in a temple along with coconut water.

Avoid using leather products.

Plant trees (Banyan or peepal) and recite Gajendra Moksha mantra. Wear a turmeric-colored thread in your hand.

Pray to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.

Chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra.

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