Sri Karyasiddhi Anjaneya Temple in Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Girinagar, Bengaluru, is dedicated to the Monkey God Hanuman (Anjaneya), who epitomizes devotion, loyalty, strength, and courage. This ancient temple was built during the 16th century. Located near the lake at Girinagar, it has exquisite architecture and offers beautiful views of the lake from its premises.

The temple’s name implies that all the Karyams/efforts of the devotees who pray here will be fulfilled (Siddhi). The Karya Siddhi Hanuman idol in the temple was consecrated at the Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram premisesKaryasiddhi Hanuman is a deity who grants the desires of his devotees. It was Sri Ganapathi Sacchidananda Swamiji who installed the statue of Hanuman here.

Hanuman played a key role in the Ramayana by helping to find Rama’s wife, Sita. He and his army of monkeys fought valiantly against Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, and also saved Lakshmana’s life when he suffered injury in battle. Hanuman has many forms like Veera Hanuman, Panchamukhi Hanuman, Shanti Hanuman, and Prasanna Anjaneya. Anagha Devi Sametha Sri Dattatreya, Shiva, Ganapathi, and Navagraha Gudi are all present within the temple.

History of the Karyasiddhi Anjaneya Temple

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of the Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysuru established the Karya Siddhi Anjaneya temple in 2015. Devotees sang the Hanuman Chalisa for a whole day under his direction. They sang the hymn for a total of forty thousand times.

Significance of the Karyasiddhi Anjaneya Temple

Hanuman is one of the most revered and popular gods in Hinduism. His love for Rama is legendary. He is also called Vayuputra, Anjaneya, and Bajrangbali. Hanuman is very learned; he is well-versed in the Vedas. Some believe that he is an incarnation of Shiva.

Hanuman had many siddhis or powers, as many gods had blessed him as a child. He also achieved powers due to his spiritual practice (sadhana) and knowledge. He is very devoted to Sri Rama. Devotees believe that he can make their wishes come true and help them accomplish even the impossible.

Hanuman is kind and generous toward his true devotees. Karya Siddhi Hanuman can help one achieve success in whatever one wishes to do. The Karyasiddhi Mantra protects one from enemies and gives them the strength to overcome them. It is best to chant the Mantra on a Saturday.

Hanuman is one of the immortals or Chiranjeevis in Hinduism. Hence, people believe that he still lives among them. Hanuman has a special relationship with Dattatreya, and a Hanuman shrine is common in Dattatreya temples.

Hanuman has the powers of both Shiva and Vishnu.

Architecture of the Karyasiddhi Hanuman Temple

Anjaneya’s idol is a huge monolith weighing 200 tons. Eighteen  sculptors worked on the idol under the guidance of Subramanya Archar. It took them 10 months to finish the sculpture. Karya Siddhi Anjaneya temple is like an octagon.  

Rituals at Karya Siddhi Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

The Poorna Phala Samarpana pooja is a ritual that is performed at the temple. In this ritual, people offer coconuts to the deity to make their wishes come true. During the Poorna Phala Deeksha, the devotee makes a Sankalp (vow) in front of the Anjaneya idol and ties the coconut to the Poornaphala (the outer shell) at the temple. They also recite the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra 108 times a day while the coconut is tied to the Poornaphala. They perform 41 Pradakshinas (walking around the temple 41 times) twice a week for 16 days.

Devotees have to follow a strict diet during this ritual. On the 16th day, they untie the coconut and offer it to Hanuman as a gift. Later, the coconuts are used to make sweets, which they share with family, friends, and other devotees. Before or after the 16th day, Hanuman is said to make the devotee’s wish come true. On these days, there will be huge crowds at the temple.

Both in the morning and evening, Sri Karya Siddhi Anjaneya Nitya Pooja, Sindura Pooja, and Mangala Aarti are all performed at the temple. The temple priests perform Abishekam to Hanuman daily and offer Prasadam to the devotees.

Hanuman Jayanthi, the birthday of Hanuman, is a major festival here. It lasts twelve days and is celebrated in December. More than 50,000 people visit the temple on this occasion.

How to Reach

By Road

Many local buses ply to the Karya Siddhi Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple.

Temple Timings

 6:30 am to 1:00 pm 

5:00 pm to 09:00 pm