Primary Characteristics of Zodiac Signs


Aries are well-known for their energy and enthusiasm. They are independent by nature, original, courageous, confident, optimistic, and ever-ready to take risks. Though aggressive, impatient, and short-tempered, they possess a never-dying spirit to accept challenges and the ability to overcome them. Their fiercely competitive characteristic and passion for success can make them natural leaders who lead from the front and achieve great things in life.  


Stability and reliability remain the hallmark of Taurus. Their patience can blunt many rough edges, whereas their disarming sense of humor can get them past even seemly insurmountable problems. Though said to be stubborn, possessive, slow, and somewhat lazy, they can also be robust, generous, and imaginative, with a refined artistic flair. They might possess a zest for life, love family, relatives, and friends, and have the rare ability to enjoy even simple things in life and get satisfaction and joy.


Gemini is a flamboyant sign whose natives can be gifted in their communication abilities. A sharp intellect, vast knowledge, multi-skilling abilities, brilliant humor, fertile imagination, artistic inclination, and the gift of the gab could make the Gemini attraction simply irresistible. Though these people can also be selfish, restless, and unreliable, they can quickly adapt to any situation and underline their relevance and significance even to the changed scenarios.    


The Cancer-sign people can be kind-hearted individuals. They are inherently family-oriented people who can be highly emotional, sensitive, and nurturing. They may possess solid motherly instincts and display qualities like care, warmth, and empathy. Though they are given to issues like hyper-sensitivity, mood swings, and self-pity, they still remain loveable and loyal characters who may stand like a rock in times of need by the side of their loved ones.      


Leo is a born leader, royal, strong, authoritative, and respectable. Their very presence can be commanding. Though they can be intolerant and perceived as self-centered at times, they are noble personalities, broad-minded and generous, who remain a pillar of strength for those around them. Their majesty and warmth can command people’s admiration, who may like to take shelter under their power and benevolence.        


Virgo is of an analytical mind, with sharp attention to detail, serpentine memory, and diplomatic skills. These people can be highly knowledgeable, intelligent, and of sound speaking skills. They also have good business acumen, trading expertise, multiple skills, and a strong work ethic. They are go-getters dedicated to excellence who possess an inherent drive to succeed in whatever they undertake.  


Libra is a symbol of balance. They can be loveable personalities who stand for justice and fair play and try to bring understanding and harmony in any situation. Though sometimes held as indecisive, easily influenced, and too idealistic to be practical, they are gentle souls who abhor violence and strife and try their best to contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. And their charm and attraction can help them greatly in this.     


Scorpio is a sign of great intensity. These people can be highly passionate and extremely committed about everything they undertake. They could also be strong, sensual, materialistic, and fiercely loyal to people they trust. The depth they possess, along with their determination and competency, can make them formidable entities.


Sagittarius can signify freedom. These free-spirited individuals might generally be adventurous and love to travel and explore things around them. They may also be kind-hearted, noble, philosophical, easy-going, and of a playful nature. Though their honesty can often make them tactless, and they are often chided for their carelessness, they also possess a wonderful sense of humor, which may help them survive difficult situations.


Ambition can be the other name for Capricorn. Though ambitious, they may also possess a high sense of responsibility. Though many might see them as untrusting and authoritative, they could also be mature in their approach and loyal. They can be very talented and hard-working but exercise caution where required. These attributes can make them well-grounded and highly respected personalities.


Aquarius can be called the ‘scientist’ among the zodiac signs. They may possess a scientific temper, be known for their fertile imagination and keen innovative thinking, and may have a perspective of their own. They will also likely be calm and patient but ready to fight for causes they believe in. Thus, they can be unique and stand out in a group.


Pisces is well-known for its sensitivity. The natives can generally be identified by their soft and gentle disposition. They may have a strong dislike for discords, noise, crowds, and authority and can be hyper-sensitive and even lazy. But they are philosophical entities, often dreamy, lovers of nature, peace, and privacy, and can be empathetic and forgiving. These gentle spirits generally come across as loveable characters.

You now have a bird’s eye view of what each of the zodiac signs is likely to be, so you should be able to identify which ‘Modern Family’ character they are like and whom they represent!